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My name is Reg Dondo,

In 1998, I began working with a kitchen cabinet manufacturing company creating product specifications and CNC programs. From there, I took an interest in learning more about the systems and process aspects of manufacturing. This led into playing an active role in order processing, scheduling, product development and manufacturing processes. As my career progressed, I later filled roles in Project Management, Operations Management, and Continuous Improvement Management.

I would often see companies struggling to find solutions for some of the problems they are facing. Problems such as reporting errors, inventory management, product costing, delayed order processing, and scheduling conflicts. Many of these issues would continue without getting resolved for extended periods of time and would never get to the root cause. As a result, software would be purchased thinking it would solve the issues, but it never did. They just ended up with more unused software and unresolved issues.

I am passionate about seeing businesses succeed through good communication, streamlined processes, and being able to use technology in a way to be able to make well informed business decisions. I have a deep appreciation for business owners, staff, and respect for organizational cultures and that’s why I do this.


I believe in helping businesses run more efficiently, continual growth and pushing the boundaries to create software solutions that resolve root issues. I believe in creating a trusting and respectful environment where others are free to express ideas.

Let’s make your life easier today